“…We believe that the hard work,, generosity and kindness of our team have a beneficial impact on our community…”

BGL’s corporate social responsibility initiatives are consistent with our organizational culture. We choose the projects we support based on the same quality standards as we apply when providing our services, assessing their positive impact on the community. Thanks to the time and dedication of our team of professionals, and our firm’s financial support, we have been able to contribute to the following projects:

Liceo Jubilar We sponsor several students of Liceo Jubilar Juan Pablo II, and we have also equipped this high-school with computers.

Techo We contribute to the social integration of the community through the building of emergency homes on a volunteer basis, within the framework of the Techo project (“A Roof for my Country”).

Old Boys & Old Girls Club We support sports, especially rugby at Old Boys & Old Girls Club. Established in 1914, this club places special emphasis on fostering the essential values of the game of rugby (integrity, passion, solidarity and discipline), which we share at BGL.

Banco de Alimentos Our professionals offer their expertise and their time to answer technical queries from the volunteers running this food bank.

Goodlife We participate in the Goodlife program, through the weekly distribution of fresh fruit to the members of our team to encourage healthy eating habits.

Teleton We promote the social inclusion of children and teenagers with disabilities by providing financial support on a yearly basis.